We offer various services that can meet the needs of each customer.


Thanks to nesting, which is carried out with a numerical control pantograph, the surface of the panel to be processed is fully exploited; shapes with irregular shapes can also be inserted and the measures are completely customizable. Through this process, with our pantographs we are able to fully customize the project, making it perfectly tailored to each of our customers.

Just in time

Ideal for individual productions and projects, our just in time service is focused on speed of response, customization and extreme flexibility.
Each customer is assigned one of our managers, who will take care of accompanying him in the design and construction of the component, as well as guiding him in choosing the most suitable finish.

Contract, complete design and series for warehouses

We offer the contract service, thanks to which we can make individual parts of the components but at the same time we can manage the entire design and construction of the order. This service is ideal for those who need a large supply of material.
We also work for the supply of lacquered and non-lacquered components to the warehouse, for industries that want to have their products in stock, ensuring faster customer satisfaction

Bar code

We offer the bar code service to meet the logistical needs of our customers.
The bar code is the most widespread identification system for goods in the world. Thanks to this service, each component produced is immediately coded, even right from the nesting procedure. The exact traceability of the goods therefore becomes possible and the logistics operations will be smooth and fast.